YES WB Water Based Lubricant

Size: 50ml
Sale price$12.99 USD

YES WB Water Based Lubricant, this smooth, silky and luxurious silky gel is non-sticky and discreet. We made this formula odor-free and taste-free! This blend feels like natural lubrication. YES WB is pH matched to vaginal pH to help protect against bacterial and yeast infections. Certified Organic & safe to use with all condoms and toys.

YES WB Water Based Lubricant 

  • Certified Organic
  • pH balanced for the vagina
  • Slightly hypo-osmotic for instant rehydration
  • Enhances sexual pleasure and sensitivity
  • No smell, no taste, no stickiness
  • Compatible with natural rubber
  • Latex and polyisoprene condoms and toys
  • Rapidly relieves dryness and discomfort
  • Gynecologists recommended
  • Hypoallergenic, designed to be side-effect free

YES WB is slightly hypo-osmotic, designed to release water more rapidly than YES VM, to instantly rehydrate and lubricate dry tissues to enable intercourse.

Available in 50ml, 100ml, or 150ml

Customer Reviews

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Highly Recommend

What a difference this product makes. Highly recommend for anyone and especially menopausal women.

Lilah Wilson
def recommend

nice silky texture and natural ingredients

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