Kegel Toys, Ben Wa Balls, and Pelvic Floor Trainers

What are Kegel Toys? Known by a variety of different names such as Ben Wa balls, Kegel Balls, Orgasm Balls, rin-no-tama, Venus Balls, Pelvic Floor Trainers, Kegel Weights, or Geisha balls. These are small balls varying in size similar to marbles that are inserted into the vagina. Once placed into the vagina, Ben Wa Balls are held in place by engaging the pelvic floor muscles, commonly known as Kegel Exercises. These Kegel Toys are utilized to heighten Sexual Stimulation during use while the strengthening of the pelvic floor is directly linked to increased vaginal elasticity and bladder control, and most importantly improves Sexual Performance with stronger Orgasms. 

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