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Restrict your senses with these masks. We can break it down into two major groups – featureless face coverings or animal styles. Past these two groups, it depends on the style and purpose of play. The general idea is to dominate, depersonalize, and sexually objectify someone; however, you can also add other elements such as: Sensory deprivation, Disorientation, Role Play & Breath play. Softer materials like rubber, latex, spandex, and darlex have enough "give" that you can wear them comfortably. Leather and PVC, however, need to have adjustable straps OR be custom made for the wearer if you want a snug fit. Keep in mind that most masks are a “one size fits MOST” sort of deal. Either that or they will specifically ask you for head measurements (like a good hat). Also, be careful that the eyes, mouth, and nose holes actually align properly.

Pipedream Products Fetish Fantasy Satin Love Mask
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