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Womanizer Wave Water Massage Stimulator


Womanizer Wave Water Massage Stimulator is a groundbreaking innovation in personal pleasure and luxury bathing. This 2-in-1 device, a distinctive fusion of a showerhead and clitoral water massager, is the result of an exciting collaboration between hansgrohe, renowned for their bathroom fittings, and Womanizer, the leading pioneers in pleasure products.

The Womanizer Wave is more than just a shower head. It's an invitation to explore a new dimension of self-care and sensual stimulation, enveloping you in a cascade of pleasure that you can control.

Womanizer Wave Water Massage Stimulator Features: 

  • 2-in-1 showerhead and clitoral water massager
  • Collaboration of hansgrohe and Womanizer
  • Three water jet settings for variety
  • Touchless water-based stimulation
  • Comfort-focused ergonomic design
  • Easy-to-use control settings
  • EcoSmart technology for water conservation
  • Simple installation process
  • Includes quick start guide and safety instructions


With three distinct water jet settings, your shower transforms from a standard wash to a luxurious spa experience or even an exhilarating journey towards sensual peaks. Embrace touchless stimulation using the purity of water, offering a unique way to explore and celebrate your body.

Standing alone in its class, the Wave couples top-tier shower functionality with the unique feature of a water-pressure clitoral massager. This exceptional combination ensures unmatched comfort and pleasure.

Expert engineering is at the heart of the Womanizer's Wave, harmoniously integrating the finest shower technology with the leading pleasure brand's expertise. The ergonomic design offers comfortable one-handed control, facilitating effortless water massage and clitoral stimulation.

Beyond pleasure, the Womanizer Wave is also environmentally friendly. Its EcoSmart tech utilizes 60% less water than conventional shower heads, all while delivering optimal performance.


How to use Womanizer Wave Water Massage Stimulator:

  1. Installation: Easily set up your Womanizer Wave by simply attaching it to your current shower hose. This effortless step initiates your journey towards a uniquely luxurious and sensual shower experience.

  2. Transitioning between settings: The Womanizer Wave features an array of settings to suit your mood. Start with the PowderRain setting for a lavish, soothing shower. When you're ready, transition to a sensual water massage with PleasureWhirl, or feel the invigorating power of PleasureJet pulsations.

  3. Ergonomic Design: The shower head of the Womanizer Wave is designed for comfort and easy handling. It fits effortlessly in one hand, enabling you to direct the stimulation precisely where you desire.

  4. Adjustable Intensity: Control your pleasure with the integrated intensity slider on the shower head. This unique feature allows for seamless adjustment, offering a wide variety of water pressure variations to suit your personal preference.

  5. Experience New Sensations: Let the Womanizer Wave unlock thrilling new sensations. Explore and enjoy the natural power of water on your body, turning your routine shower into an indulgent escape.


Ease of installation is another highlight. Just replace your old handheld shower with the Wave, and you're all set!

The Womanizer Wave Water Massage Stimulator includes a quick start guide and safety instructions.

*Please note that the Wave does not come with an adapter or hose. Accessory kits will be available soon, or you can purchase the adapter and hose from your local hardware store.

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