Oxballs Do-Nut 2 Cockring

Color: Clear
Sale price$2.99 USD
Oxballs Do-Nut 2 Cockring is made from our super-soft, stretchy. Super stretchy material fits any size--one of our best-selling cockrings New and improved redesign of our original. Do-Nut 2 takes on the traditional jelly cockring. It's made from our signature FLEXtpr so it's super stretchy and soft to the touch. Do-Nut 2 is everything you love about our original DO-NUT 1 design but squishier, bigger and even longer lasting. Do-Nut 2 also doubles as a stackable ball-ring for a sweet stretching sensation.

  • Thick, strongest jelly ring
  • Makes your junk looks bigger
  • Super stretchy
  • Soft to touch
  • Non-toxic and phthalate free

It's tight enough and strong enough for a lot of play...guaranteed to make your fucking or JO explosive! This one's larger and thicker than DO-NUT 1, it's a fatty that will give you a major chub! It stretches 3 times its size but snaps back to its original shape. Unlike most jelly rings, ours is made from tough FLEXtpr--it's super strong with incredible stretch and amazing feel.

Size/Dimensions: Width 2", Depth .5", Outer circumference 6.25," Inner circumference 2.25", Weight .5"

Available in Clear, Black, and Ice Blue

Customer Reviews

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High quality ring at the best price you'll find anywhere

True to the quality, these I have found will never break on the first day, or first year. The stretch is great, and no matter how its worn (base, ball, shaft) , you can easily wear it for long term without discomfort. They can be comfortably stacked for for a great ball stretcher as well. As they are clear, they potentially can draw color from items in contact, so it's best if stored by themselves. Just a great quality ring.

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