The Original Magic Wand

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This is the legendary one and only. The Original Magic Wand, the one toy that started it all. Strong, discreet and undoubtedly the most satisfying toy on the market. Back when every phone had a cord and “going viral” meant something COMPLETELY different, women around the world were discovering the mind-blowing pleasure of the Magic Wand and what it can do for their sex health.

The Original Magic Wand Features

  • Two speeds 6,000 / 5,000 vibrations per minute
  • 6 foot cord plugs
  • Registered with the FDA as a medical device
  • Soft, vinyl head for external stimulation
  • Intuitive control

Cosmopolitan Magazine called it the “little black dress” of massagers, and Time Magazine named it among the top ten “Most Influential Gadgets of All Time.” Even at fifty, the Magic Wand is still turning heads and curling toes as the most recommended and best-selling massage wand in America! Power source: 110 – 120 volts electrical outlet

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M Sex Product Review
Magic Wand Original "The Original Personal Massager" (aka Hitachi Magic Wand)

The Myth & Lore that surrounds this product is Legendary.
Released on April 25, 1968, This product was made Popular by sex educator Betty Dodson. During the Wands' lifetime, Hitachi halted production for various reasons, including distribution issues to Hitachi not wanting to be associated with a sex toy. In 2000 Vibratex stepped in and encouraged Hitachi to continue manufacturing without the company name and instructed them to rebrand as "Magic Wand - Original". In 2002 The Wand made a resurgence after appearing on Sex and the City. From that moment, there was no looking back, "The Magic Wand" was here to stay!

"The Magic Wand" is a must-have product. This product features 2 speeds "wow" (5000 rpm) & "omg" (6000 rpm). Intense doesn't even accurately describe the sensation produced. This product plugs into the wall. Meaning you will never have to hunt for batteries again. The product is sturdy and well-built, featuring a flexible neck and rubber tip. The rubber tip is a porous material, so remember to clean it after each use. There are also endless arrays of wand-tip accessories. Vibratex sells 3 Official WonderWand attachments "G-Spot", "Mystic" & "Straight".

But wait, there's more.

Not just a sex toy. This Wands' original intention was as a muscle massager. The Wand is great at relaxing muscles and relieving tension. No collection is complete without this Legacy Item. You won't regret this purchase.

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