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OxBalls Unit-X Cocksling

Welcome to the world of OxBalls Unit-X Cocksling, the epitome of sleek and sporty design, inspired by our highly sought-after Cocksling-2. This exceptional product takes lightweight and ergonomic excellence to new heights, ensuring a superior experience for users. Crafted from our exclusive FLEXtpr material, the OxBalls Unit-X Cocksling is renowned for its unmatched stretchiness and velvety softness, promising an indulgent touch like no other.

Say goodbye to bulk and embrace the essence of the original Cocksling-2 with the OxBalls Unit-X Cocksling. Its carefully contoured ergonomic shape conforms effortlessly to the base of your member and the upper region of your scrotum, ensuring optimal fit and comfort

OxBalls Unit-X Cocksling Features:

  • Experience heightened pleasure with the sleek and sporty OxBalls Unit-X Cocksling
  • Designed for a heftier, longer-lasting erection
  • Made from super-stretchy and soft FLEXtpr material for ultimate comfort
  • Grips your package with its squishy and ergonomic design
  • Say goodbye to bulk with this lightweight and stylish power-sling
  • No extra thick rings or chunky bits in the way
  • Fits big or slim members, perfect for all sizes

Prepare to elevate your performance and amplify your bulge with the OxBalls Unit-X Cocksling, as it remains true to our best-selling heritage of super-soft and stretchy FLEXtpr material. The distinct design of this exceptional cocksling ensures a second-skin-like embrace on your shaft and sack, maximizing pleasure and control.

Embrace the lightweight, ergonomic ingenuity of the OxBalls Unit-X Cocksling, providing unmatched comfort even during prolonged wear. Experience heightened satisfaction with a firmer and longer-lasting performance, thanks to the cutting-edge features of this sleek and sporty power-sling.

For those seeking a seamless blend of style and functionality, the OxBalls Unit-X Cocksling is the ultimate choice. Whether you have a generously sized package or a more slender member, rest assured that this extraordinary product is tailored to meet your unique needs and desires.

Width: 1.75"
Height: 2.25"
Main hole circumference: 4"
Shaft hole Circumference: 3.25"
Ball hole circumference: 3.75"
Weight: .9 oz

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