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Dorcel Hydro Pump

Experience the power of the Dorcel Hydro Pump, a 2-in-1 water and air penis pump. Achieve stronger and healthier erections with this innovative pump designed to maximize the benefits of water or air pressure.

Customizable to fit all sizes and needs, impress your partner with massive and reliable erections. Track your progress with the measuring gauge and enjoy the convenience of disassembling for easy cleaning. Increase your sexual confidence with the Dorcel Hydro Pump.

Dorcel Hydro Pump Features:

  • 2-in-1 penis pump: Water pump and air pump options
  • Strong vacuum with hydraulic or air pressure for optimal results
  • Silicone sleeves available in 3 sizes for a comfortable fit
  • Measuring gauge allows you to track your progress with full chamber viewing
  • Safe pause program for controlled usage
  • Disassembles easily for convenient cleaning
  • Boost your sexual confidence with impressive erections

This powerful and customizable pump ensures maximum comfort and effectiveness. Impress your partner with massive and reliable erections that boost your sexual confidence.

Technical Informations:
Dimension:29,2xØ7,1cm/11.5’’xØ 2.8’’
Insertable length : 20,7 cm / 8,15‘’ Silicone&ABS
Running time: 50 times after fully charged
Charging time: 1h
Noiselevel : <40 dbs
USB rechargeable cable (included) Splashproof IPX6

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