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OxBalls Angle BallStretcher

Introducing the revolutionary OxBalls Angle BallStretcher - designed to elevate your ballstretching experience to new heights. Crafted with precision from high-quality Pure Platinum Silicone, this short stretcher is versatile and perfect for pushing your sack forward or stacking it to achieve an upward and outward bend. Not only that, but the OxBalls Angle BallStretcher also serves as a bulge-enhancing cockring, providing a comprehensive enhancement solution.

Experience optimal comfort and pleasure with the perfect blend of firmness and softness offered by the OxBalls Angle BallStretcher. Made from our super-soft and stretchy Pure Platinum Silicone, it guarantees a snug fit without causing discomfort. Embrace the same shape and thickness as traditional neoprene ballstretchers but with the added benefits of our innovative material.

OxBalls Angle BallStretcher Features:

  • Versatile shape pushes your sack forward or can be stacked for an upward and outward bend
  • Doubles as a bulge-enhancing cockring for comprehensive enhancement
  • Crafted from high-quality Pure Platinum Silicone for the perfect balance of firmness and comfort
  • Super-soft and stretchy material ensures an amazing fit and feel
  • Same shape and thickness as traditional neoprene ballstretchers, but with superior Pure Platinum Silicone construction
  • Fat lip around the edge prevents discomfort and ensures a secure fit
  • Rubber-like, stretchy texture feels natural and becomes part of your sack
  • Keeps your nuts firmly in their sack for optimal ballstretching experience
  • Embrace the ultimate pleasure and satisfaction with OxBalls Angle BallStretcher's innovative design

With the OxBalls Angle BallStretcher, your nuts stay securely in their sack, thanks to the thoughtful design featuring a fat lip around the edge. Unlike neoprene alternatives, our rubbery and stretchy silicone blend seamlessly integrates with your sack, delivering a natural and fulfilling sensation.

Unleash the true potential of ballstretching with the OxBalls Angle BallStretcher - your all-in-one solution for enhanced pleasure and satisfaction. Upgrade your ballstretching routine and explore the ultimate in comfort, fit, and functionality with this exceptional product from OxBalls.

Width: 2.25"
Height: 1 - 1.5"
Outer circumference: 6"
Inner circumference: 3.75"
Weight: 1.4 oz

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